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Advanced Computer Analysis

ACA- Advanced Computer Analysis - LIVE is done at Winning Pitchers Baseball Academy…. live with every player we train from though out New England and the USA. We have used Advanced Computer Analysis for seven years with every player we train…so we are not new to this. Our depth of experience in ACA has fueled our strong business growth in New England and from states across the USA. We have players traveling into Winning Pitchers from throughout the USA via air and car every month to receive some of the most advanced pitching training in the country.
We are an advanced group of four trainers that study the game of baseball 365 days per year to continue learning so to train players to their highest individual potential level. From our beginning… has been only the original four trainers at Winning Pitchers….no turnover of trainers at all. We never think we know it all…we travel to advance seminars each year to learn from other great training peers who also seek to learn more each year. This great game advances every year with technology as do we and our players. That is why our name is “Winning Pitchers Baseball Academy”.

What is ACA – Advanced Computer Analysis – It is computer analysis of player’s skills by advanced trainers with the knowledge of how to diagnose player strengths and opportunity areas….so players reach higher performance levels. Computer Analysis is only as good as the trainer’s depth of knowledge, skill of diagnosis and how to present and transfer this to the player….as the player can only change with a visual analysis that they understand with the right explanation, assigned drills and adjustments. We have the knowledge; skill and teaching style that let the player visually understand where his strengths and opportunities are so to reach a higher performance level. From there an individualized training plan is laid out in his personal training folder. It includes his starting MPH and short term goals set for MPH gain with command of the strike zone. We increase all pitchers velocity 3-12 mph in 1st year. Many pitchers we increase 2-4 mph in their 1st lesson with beginning and ending radar gun measurements. Velocity is important but it cannot be the only focus lesson to lesson. Great pitchers evolve from the instructor’s knowledge and ability of transferring this to the pitcher by teaching the right mechanics combined with having the right workout program.

Our advanced knowledge of pitching assisted us in the development of the Pitchers Power Drive which received a US Patent in February 1999. It was awarded the top baseball innovation by Collegiate Baseball Magazine at the American Baseball Coaches Associations convention. It has been used in our training for 5 years with over 10,000 lessons and we and our players know the great results it has achieved. In just 18 months of making the Pitchers Power Drive available to pitchers across the USA….there are 7 Professional teams, 125 colleges in 40 states and 100’s of Baseball Academy’s and top High School programs training on the Pitchers Power Drive. Twenty five high schools in Texas alone.
The Pitchers Power Drive is the training choice of Professional, Collegiate and top High School pitchers. Also used by top Baseball Academy’s and pitching instructors across the USA who understand pitching mechanics and pitching from the ground up with stronger lower body muscles. You can learn more of how these top pitching professionals are using the PPD to advance pitchers performance at:

Winning Pitchers is the top training academy in New England and one of the most qualified nationally. We have the knowledge and depth of experience that has produced high level success for pitchers in New England and across the USA.



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