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Winning Pitchers Baseball Conditioning Membership
Winter 18 Week Baseball Conditioning
WP Baseball Conditioning will focus on core strength, balance, agility, speed and arm/shoulder care. WP Baseball conditioning is once or twice a week. Total of 4 or 8 hours per month. See info later in this letter. Most TMB players participate in WP Baseball Conditioning. Other general work out programs, hockey and basketball is not baseball specific conditioning.

Winning Pitchers Academy and Research Center / Power Drive Performance
Advance Training
WPARC and PPD is the most advanced baseball training facility in New England and one of top in the country. Players from across the USA and other countries travel to the WPARC each month. WP Academy training processes use PPD’s high level multisensory training aids currently used by 24 MLB and over 800 college teams. We currently have 4 US Patent training aids. The Hitters Power Drive and Pitchers Power Drive will be used with all TMB players in their development. This will ensure they learn to use their stronger lower body muscles to reach their maximum performance. Examples of just a few colleges that have trained with Power Drives over the last 6 years are…Vanderbilt University, 2014 NCAA DI National Champions, University of South Carolina, 2010 & 2011 NCAA DI National Champions and University of Wisconsin White Water, 2014 NCAA DIII National Champions.

Right View Pro Advanced Computer Analysis, Zepp Swing Analysis & Apple Apps
Winning Pitchers Staff uses the latest in advanced computer software for player analysis of hitting, pitching, fielding position throwing and fielding. Visual and auditory training processes are essential for players to understand their strengths and opportunity areas. This is ongoing as needed.

Crossover Symmetry Gen-2 Arm and Shoulder Conditioning
All Winning Pitchers and TMB players are trained with Crossover Symmetry Gen2 system. It is practical, structured and efficient, making it easy for athletes to complete on a daily basis. The Crossover Symmetry Gen-2 System is currently being used by professional athletes in the MLB, NFL, NHL, and NBA as well as over 75% of the NCAA Division 1 Universities to prevent shoulder injury and to achieve peak performance. We recommend players have Crossover set up at home to work out in between training at WP Academy. WP/PPD and TMB trained players training with Crossover Symmetry:
1. Increase Throwing Velocity
2. Protect arm/shoulder from injuries
3. Eliminate Shoulder & Elbow Pain


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