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What our students, parents, coaches and professional players say about our skill development

“Sean & I want to thank you for the analysis and lessons. I believe that you have Sean started on the right path from his injury & mental block. We look forward to coming to Boston area again in Dec/Jan. Thanks for everything & we look forward to the drills & to future instruction. Chris, Wisconsin
My son's velocity jumped to 90+ mph after working with the Winning Pitchers team in Boston and regularly using the Pitcher's Power Drive. I highly recommend the Pitcher's Power Drive for any pitcher who is serious about improving his velocity”. Tim, Illinois

“Ty just continues to get better and better. He was seen by the regional scout of the White Sox’s. Ty is starting to throw between 88 and 91 with all sorts of movement!!! Amazing!!! Ty continues to live on the PPD and the proof is in his results. Talk soon. You guys are the bes”t. Mike, Illinois

“I want to thank you again for bringing the Pitchers Power Drive into Chris’ weekly workout. From the time we met you last September 2009 until now; Chris has made a tremendous stride. He’s gone from 73 MPH to 84-85 MPH in 8 months. He works very hard in training and at least 30 minutes a day four times a week with your power drive. I want to thank you again and hopefully I will see you this summer at Perfect Game event. Chris will be playing for the South Florida Elite Team this summer”. Chris, Florida

“Thank you again for all your help! In the five years I have been pitching, this is the most insight I have ever received! You guys have all been tremendous. I can’t tell you guys enough how much I appreciate everything”! Brian, North Carolina

“My 16 year old son and I travelled from Long Island for one lesson with John. That one lesson proved more valuable than years of pitching lessons. John immediately detected a flaw in my sons mechanics, illustrated to him on video software the flaw frame by frame and then worked with him on drills to correct it. My sons accuracy and velocity improved immediately. Working on the recommended drills and using the Pitchers Power Drive are paying huge dividends. Thanks John”. Bill - Long Island

“Thanks for the lesson with Aaron and Stefan last week – can’t begin to tell you how excited Stefan is to review the information and change his style. Your video analysis and instruction was very enlightening and will surely impact the ways I have been teaching the throwing and pitching mechanics. I would like to schedule a separate lesson for my older son”. Mike, Connecticut

“It was a pleasure meeting you and Jaime last week. I can’t tell you how much Ryan and I was impressed on what he learned from last week's personal lesson. Ryan has had several coaches’ work with him and your assessment was right on the dot. Ryan was so happy to see the major improvement in his control and increase in his velocity with the minor adjustments that you and Jaime made in the two days we were there”. Joe, Long Island, NY

“Winning Pitchers takes pitching instruction to the next level. After only one session my son improved his release point and overall mechanics. The innovative visual tools used to breakdown and rebuild the correct pitching techniques were unlike anything he had ever experienced. If you have a child that wants to pitch you should give Winning Pitchers a try”. Jeff, Rhode Island

“Hope all is great. We are using all your great teaching. Ryan is having a great start to pitching in the 13U league and the big move up to the longer pitching distance—he had his first outing Saturday and looked awesome”. Thank you! Linda, Georgia

“I want to thank you for Billy's lesson as it was great and well worth it. Billy is working on the drills you showed. I want to get him up to your facility again before spring. Talk soon and thanks agai”n. Bill, New York

“Pitching lessons were excellent”! Rod, Canada

“Amazing session yesterday—we are totally psyched!!!! If you could send me the online practice drills that would be super! Also could we order and ship ASAP a Pitchers Power Drive”. Thanks David, Georgia

“It was great with the two of you. Joe is already at work with the changes. I will keep you posted. Thanks again great job”. Joe, New York

“John: I just thought I would let you know that my son ,Sean, mentioned to me that he found that by using your teachings he no longer " labors " to get the ball to the plate. He is confident that by maintaining the proper techniques he will be able to increase speed without any more noticeable effort. Effortless mechanics leads to more flawless results, more control and more confidence”. Craig, Pennsylvania

“It was a rather long journey down and back but worth every mile. The boys and I were so impressed with how you and John zoned right in on key elements of each style and suggested effective modifications to their respective motions. Your style and work as a team is of the highest order, particularly the manner in which you both critique and suggest changes without the slightest hint being negative. Truly professional in every respect”. Cliff, Vermont

“My son Kevin started using your Power Drive at the beginning of our high school baseball season as one of his teammates already had one. Once I saw how it worked it made sense, so I watched to see if he would make any progress and he made great progress. So we decided to buy one for him. He uses it 4-5 days a week and it continues to help him. Kevin is a left-handed pitcher who has been (last two years) throwing upper 70's to low 80's. Recently I have noticed his velocity picking up some, but his control has improved greatly. My only regret is we didn't know about your device a year ago”. Brian, Ohio

“Hey John, Thanks a bunch! I just want to share this with you: First practice of the year I was radar gunned over about 25-30 pitches with a max velocity of 69 mph on a couple pitches. After three days of reps with the Power Drive and really concentrating on using my lower body and mechanics, the change was astonishing. Yesterday (Thursday) I did some bullpen with our other pitchers and I was averaging 74 mph with a few pitches at 80-81 mph. I am dumbfounded at how much night and day difference it is when utilizing your entire body to throw. My arm isn't even sore today, I feel like I could go at it again. I will continue to put in hard work and use all the drills you've supplied on the owner's page. I wish I had a before and after video to show the huge difference. I'm absolutely amazed at what a difference your product has made. It's without a doubt the biggest break through I've ever had pitching. Thanks a million and a half. Still dumbfounded and thoroughly grateful”, Matt, Virginia

“Aloha John, The Pitcher's power Drive is amazing! My high school players love it. I also coach 10-12 year olds- can they use it as well or is it too big/heavy for them? Thanks in advance for your response. Lance Teramoto”, Honolulu, Hawaii


Hey John this is Cory Wade. I'm friends with jay Lehr and I wanted to thank you for the Pitchers Power Drive. I've never really used anything quite like the Power Drive. Once I got on it I couldn't get off. Trust me its goanna get a lot of use! Thank you again”! Cory Wade, NY Yankees

“John, My guys like the Pitchers Power Drive and actually one of my pro guys that pitched here swears it has helped him increase his velocity from 88-92 to 92-94 touching 96! Just spoke to him yesterday”. Scott Brown, St. Johns University, Pitching Coach

“The Pitcher’s Power Drive is a very nice tool. We have been using the home-made wooden “k-boards” for quite some time, but they pale in comparison to this product. They are sturdy yet portable and the auditory clicking feature is great for giving prompt feedback, making it easy for the pitcher and coach to use. Using the lower half of the body is a hard concept for most pitchers to understand let alone implement, so this may serve as another piece to solving that puzzle. Definitely a good tool for improving efficiency and velocity”. Derek Johnson, Vanderbilt University, Associate Head Coach, Pitching Coach

“The Pitchers Power Drive was a wonderful new addition to my off season training. Every player is always looking for a way to get an edge on the competition and to maximize their ability. The PPD did both of those things for me in preparation for the upcoming major league baseball season. It's ability to help me consistently repeat my most efficient delivery is 2nd to none. Not only was it personally beneficial but it also took my pitching lesson clients to the next level with their delivery. This tool helped me teach the load of the hips better than I ever have before. I would recommend the PPD to any pitcher of any age”! Craig Stammen, Washington Nationals

“My name is Eric Newman and I am the pitching coach at the University of Nebraska. I saw your booth at the complex in Jupiter and meant to stop by and say hello. I am sorry I didn’t because I was going to tell you that I love the product. I will look forward to hearing back from you and getting these into our program”. Eric Newman University of Nebraska

“I wanted to share with you what just happened today. My son, LHP Freddie (nickname:Choppy), just started training on the Pitchers Power Drive this past Sunday, July 3rd after playing in the Perfect Game WWBA 15U Championships last week in East Cobb. Today, Saturday July 9th, he just pitched his first No Hitter in three years in Ft. Myers at the Perfect Game 15U BCS Finals! Prior to using the PPD, he was averaging 69-70 mph with his fast ball but today (just one week later), he averaged 72-73mph and topped at 74 mph. Besides being a marked change in his speed, his mechanics were very sound and he hit his spots all game long. Needless to say, he is a true believer in the merits of the PPD and intends to practice with it each and every day as long as he plays the game. We are very happy that we purchased the Pitchers Power Drive as it has immediately produced results and has given Freddie the confidence to train even harder”. Eddie, Florida

“Hey John, I used the PPD at Carthage College when I pitched there last year and gained 3-4 mph by just using the PPD every day. I am now a pitching instructor at Extra Innings Baseball Facility in Bloomington, Illinois. I loved the PPD so much that I'm going to use it with my students. Thanks so much for developing such an amazing product”. Tyler, Illinois

“Dear Mr. Miller, I just wanted you to know that my son, Phoenix, has been training on the Pitchers Power Drive since July 14. He just turned 15 in June. This past Saturday he threw a no hitter in a 16 and under tournament in Cocoa, Fl., the team he no hit eventually went on to the championship game. He threw 7 innings, no runs, 1 walk. That evening he told me his arm wasn't tired but his legs were. The next day his arm was a little sore but his legs were killing him. He has never had this reaction after pitching. I thought it was awesome. For years I have been trying to get him to use his legs more and this product has finally taught him how to do that. We are both very excited about what training on this product is going to do for him in the future. This product truly produces results”. Kevin, Arizona

“In a nutshell…GREAT PRODUCT and GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE, and the eagerness to share lessons with those of us who cannot attend your training academy…just fantastic. We are in N.E. Wisconsin, so the PPD will play an important part of our indoor training”. Thank you, again. Howard, WI

“Love your pitcher’s power drive. You can add Moeller High School (OH) to your list of clients. We purchased the power drive at the ABCA convention in Nashville in January 2011”. Coach Held, OH

“Morning John, The Pitchers Power Drive will come in handy at this weekend’s practices. I had a chance to try your Pitchers Power Drive at Whitewater University and just had to get one. Great idea to help pitchers of all ages learn how to initiate with their knee and hip”. Coach Greg

“I bought a Pitchers Power Drive online for my son Adam (age 13) after he started using it with his pitching instructor Jay Lehr at Roundtripper Academy in Westfield, Indiana. We bumped into Drew Storen at RT on the first day we began using it. Drew had really good things to say about it that day and Jay’s used the power drive with Adam in every lesson since. Great product”. Dave, Indiana

“John, It really was amazing, he used the Pitchers Power Drive 4 or 5 times, and the next 2 games he only walked one batter per game (as you know, a huge feat for an 11 year old) and won both games. It just seemed to improve his balance so much”. Steve, Iowa

“John, my boy’s used the Pitchers Power Drive training aid at a camp run by Matt Royer at Twin Valley High School last week end, it really helps get the point across about getting to lead with their hips”. Bill, PA

“We just received the PPD. You guys don’t mess around. This is a serious piece of equipment! The trip was well worth it. Ryan looked good at the OSU showcase. Ryan's confidence is at an all-time high”! Tom, Ohio

“Thank you very much! My sons enjoy the pitchers power drive very much and we recommend your product to all our friends and teammates. Scott, California

“My son's main problem was that he didn't go. His mechanics are good but he did everything over the rubber creating a pause and then as you describe, floated out. Today he was doing it great. With the help of the Pitchers Power Drive he was doing it all working down the hill and not losing any momentum. We are doing the drills and they are great. I am glad that we remembered you from the clinic and thankful you have something like this. Thanks again. I will keep in touch and let you know of the velocity improvements”. Thank you, Nash, Texas

“Pitchers Power Drive helped turn my struggles at the first of the season and an ERA over eleven to being a first team all conference pitcher and a conference champion with an ERA under four. Not only did my control become better but my velocity also went up within a week of using Pitchers Power Drive. It is the best training tool that I have used as a pitcher”! Matt, University of Texas- Tyler


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