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Ultimate Training Program
This is a highly competitive program that takes hard work and is only for the very serious player. The focus is on explosiveness, speed, agility, core strength, arm and shoulder care. It results are remarkable and is like no other workout program in the North East developed specifically for baseball players.

For Pitchers
The Ultimate Training Program averages 3-6 mph on every pitcher we have put through the program. The arm and shoulder care is an essential part of training to prevent injury. This is done with the right mechanics, skill development and core training

For Position Players
Gain over all strength, athletic ability, arm and shoulder care. This allows players to hit for more power, throw harder and make plays in the field they would not have been able to make before.

Total Player Development Program
This is a program is for younger but serious players with goals to become successful high school varsity players. The players are trained in all skill areas….throwing, fielding and hitting. The program also includes training on explosiveness, speed, agility, core strength, arm and shoulder care.

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